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What exactly is Chic StyleBox, what is the cost, what does it contain, 
and when do you charge my credit card?

The Chic StyleBox is a monthly subscription box tailored around clothing items and accessories, and we charge at the end of each month. Your subscription with us  gives you a new piece of style every month, as well as great accessories for a monthly cost of just $21.99 ($29.99 internationally)  with no start up or cancellation fees as well as no shipping costs. The Chic StyleBox provides you the essentials to add unique clothing and accessories to your wardrobe, as well as hot fashion items that are picked by our proven stylists. All you have to do is subscribe and the rest is taken care of by us. No need to select items, no need to pick up at a store, no  need to repay every month manually, and absolutely no hidden fees or hassle. But you can expect your Chic StyleBox to give you new and exciting styles delivered to your door at the beginning of each month, with no term commitment.

What is included in every months Chic StyleBox  and do you ship internationally?

As of April, 2016 we now support international subscriptions (Any country outside the United States)! To create an international subscription simply hit the international option at checkout. International subscriptions cost $29.99, a bit more than normal  to cover shipping and handling costs. Rest assured you will still receive the same items as every other customer!   Furthermore, no two boxes will ever be the same. Each month will contain new pieces of style and accessories as well as other treats that you will not see in any other box. Some months boxes might be season or holiday themed, (such as a Christmas themed box in December). Every Chic StyleBox will be delivered to your door on the first week of every month.  Our team selects the items and surprise awaits you until you open the box.

  Is a Chic StyleBox subscription refundable and how can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us an  email for any  concerns at: [email protected] or give us a short message on any of our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) we will respond as soon as possible and answer any questions or concerns you have. We are a team that is here for you and  committed to an excellent  product and satisfied customer.

To continue, Chic StyleBox does not refund or take back any boxes or items we ship. If you are not satisfied with your subscription you are free to cancel at anytime with no cancellation fees. However, during certain   dates exceptions apply. For instance if you cancel your subscription at the first of the month you will still be charged for the renewal on the last day of the previous month, rest assured you will receive that box you were charged for but we cannot refund or return the box we shipped you.  But if you do cancel, please let us know why you decided to cancel. We are committed to customer service and  we want to know what can do better!  Again if have any questions or concerns let us know!

Contact Us: [email protected]