What's Inside?

See what's inside your Chic StyleBox subscription!

Undeniable Style. Endless Possibilities.

Your monthly box will be filled with fantastic accessories, style pieces, and jewelry. Hand picked from our proven stylists, each months box  will be unique and full of surprises!


International & Term Subscriptons.

We have added International and Term-Based subscriptions at checkout.  Receive or give your favorite fashion  box to anyone anywhere in the world with no shipping charges! Three and six month term subscriptions are now available and make for perfect gifts that keep on giving.


Still not convinced? We've got more to offer.

Simplicity and convenience  is the essence of Chic StyleBox. A  subscription with us means you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Every  month you can count on endless fun and surprises to satisfy all of your fashion and style needs.

A Chic StyleBox subscription guarantees you a low cost  personal shopper for things you are buying all the time, we even throw in personal and unique items as well! Follow, tag, share, and like us on social media and you just might find an extra surprise in your box!